The Choices Matter program is focused on helping teens making smart decisions when it comes to their health and wellness. The program provides resources for schools to share with their students throughout the year, including campaign kits and a presentation tour with impactful speakers on various topics that will resonate with students.

One of those resource that you may be familiar with is a Coaches’ Playbook developed for high school coaches across the state to use with their teams. Coaches and school administrators serve as extremely important role models and influencers in teenagers’ lives and we are thankful for the care and dedication they bring in those roles.

The playbooks have been developed through years of knowledge and experience with experts in a variety of fields to provide resources to coaches to further those efforts. Each playbook contains valuable information on how coaches can better communicate with their teams on leadership, teamwork, performance and important development of positive behaviors.

Each playbook provides a model Code of Conduct pledge for student athletes and parents to sign to be able to participate in their school activities, which we encourage schools to require of their athletes. Here is a link to the online version of the pledge. You can download a digital version of them playbook below.

We hope these playbooks will be a valuable resource for you in positively impacting the lives of your athletes!


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